The smart gamification platform that will enpower the next generation of engagement solutions.

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Who's alfred?

A smart gamification platform that not only provides an engaging experience from the start, but also evolves autonomously, learning from users across business contexts, aka, a virtual Game Master.

Gamification engine

A technology framework including dozens of the most common game mechanics and strategies successfully used in employee engagement.

AI / Machine learning

A powerful learning system on top of the best industry datasets to anticipate user decisions and ensure constant and progressive evolution.

Scalable and custom

A player profiling model that ensures differentiated paths towards FLOW for each user persona.

Meet us

Meet the people that are taking gamification to the next level.

Tiago Perdigão

CEO & Business Devil

+20 yrs XP in Mkt & Sales

Manuel Pimenta

CXO & Human Experience Sherpa

+10 yrs XP as Dev. and Gamifier

David Duarte

CTO & Coding Jedi

+15 yrs XP as Software Dev

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